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Found elsewhere BUT this guy loves HIS Marlin 1895GS 45-70 almost as much as I love mine! I've also got a Model 1895 Cowboy (1895CB), and love it too!

Did you know that Marlin was the first to offer a repeating .45-70 Gov't?

A 'charging bear shoot'! How cool is THAT!??

The other forum guy wrote:

My Marlin 1895GS 45-70 is fast becoming my all time favorite rifle... with Warne 2 piece bases that I mounted a 2x-7x Leupold Compact onto with Leupold Quick Detatchable rings or when I remove the scope I mount a XS Backup Ghost ring sight system. I also have a set of black/gray laminate stocks on it that I bought direct from Marlin and a Wild West Guns light mount.

I am involved in a shooting contest on another forum that is simulating a bear charge. The rules are 3 rounds in the rifle starting with the first round chambered and the rifle mounted on your shoulder ready to fire. The distance to the target is 25 yards and you have to shoot as fast and accurately as you can. Calibers have to be .338 and up and the contest includes 12 gauge shotguns as well.

My loads that I am shooting here are 405gr RNFPGC Bullet Barn cast bullets @ 1950fps.

Here are a couple of video clips of me shooting as fast as I can at the 25 yard target. The first attempt resulted in a 4 1/2" 25 yard group and the second attempt was a 4 3/4" 25 yard group.

Here's a link to YouTube...

1st attempt...

2nd attempt...

Here's a link to the photo of me with both targets taken by a buddy he signed the targets after he took the picture. The first group is in my left hand and if I measured all 6 shots combined they measure about 5 1/4"...

All groups where measured from outside to outside of the widest bullet holes.

I had a great time doing this and thought that it maybe fun if others gave it a try as well... The next time I do it though I am going to set up the camera on the other side for a better shot of the rifle in action.

YEPPERS! That'd be a HOOT!

Harley Dude
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Good video, thanks for the links!
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