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Once a year I am visiting my family in Washington State on a visa waiver program. (Unfortunately, after change of immigration regulation almost 30 years ago, my permanent visitor visa was revoked because the visa type was deleted from the regulation)

Being an active sport shooter of German nationality, I would like to continue shooting while on vacation. Now I ask myself the question, if and how this is possible in Washington State. I found some solid information about Oregon law on a site of a private shooting range but nothing about Washington State. Since the Oregon range is only a 2 hours drive away, it is also an option. However, staying in Washington State would be more convenient.

I understood that I cannot borrow one of my neighbor’s firearm and drive to the range, for obvious reasons. I also cannot loan a firearm at the range, what is a real petty. This I already got confirmed by the range. However, I understood that my neighbor can come with me to the range and I can shoot his firearms. Is my understanding of the regulation correct? Is there maybe some place around Olympia which would loan a firearm to shoot on the range? Or is there a legal trap somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

And only for information in case you come to Germany on vacation, you can loan a firearm at most of the shooting ranges. Depending on the range, a range officer will be next to you to supervise you. Happy shooting! If you come to France, it is more difficult, since the Clubs usually don’t rent firearms.
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