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Thomas Lifson
December 4, 2019

It looks as if big scandal is brewing in the Chicago Police Department, an agency already deeply troubled. This time, it is not a street cop shooting someone, but the top cop's shenanigans that got him fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and signs that a cover-up was underway. Fran Spielman, Frank Main, and Sam Charles of the Chicago Sun-Times explain:

Multiple Chicago police employees are under investigation for allegedly engaging in a widespread cover-up to protect then-Supt. Eddie Johnson and conceal the circumstances surrounding an Oct. 17 drinking and driving incident that Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Johnson lied about, prompting her to fire him weeks before his retirement.

Johnson was found slumped over in his police SUV at around 12:30 a.m. that day, near the 3400 block of South Aberdeen — after dismissing his driver and trying to drive himself home.

The alleged cover-up took place "that night and the next day" and could end up being "even worse than" the incident itself, said a source familiar with Inspector General Joseph Ferguson's ongoing investigation.​

Those are the lies.

Here's the sex and videotape:

Rather than having "a couple of drinks" during a "dinner with friends," as Johnson told the mayor, sources said the now-former superintendent spent three hours drinking at Ceres Cafe — a restaurant known for pouring large drinks to patrons from the nearby Chicago Board of Trade — with a woman whom he had promoted to his security detail shortly after becoming the city's top cop.

Sources said Johnson and the woman, who has since been reassigned to another job in the police department, are seen on restaurant video kissing repeatedly.​

Readers may recall that ex-superintendent Johnson refused to attend President Trump's speech to the nation's assembled police chiefs at the International Association of Chiefs of Police in late October, even though they were meeting in his own town of Chicago. Don Surber thus added him to his Trumpenfreude list of people who have gone against Trump and encountered disaster.

As scandals go, this is almost as juicy as Jussie.

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Tame by comparison to the wholesale corruption that the Alderman do................I work elections as a poll worker. One of my former workers was a retired female CPD cop who told us that, in order to get a city job, you had to "donate" a lot of your free time working for your Alderman to get reelected.....if you didn't do it, you didn't get the job............

Remember Obama came from Chicago; where he learned his corrupt practices.......
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