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Savage model 24 vs camper survival

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I have an older uncle who is an avid gun collector and he is looking for a Savage Model 24 VS Camper Survival. He said it was made from 1983-1989 and in a 20 gauge and .357 caliber. He calls me to look for guns he cant find because he doesn't use the internet. I am having a hard time finding anything out about this gun. Does anybody know more info about these guns or have one to sell? He also told me it has a 26 inch barrel. That is all i know about it. Any help for more information and locating one would be appreciated. Thanks, Adam
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Welcome to NGF! You might try GunBroker for the Model 24, but the .357/20 ga are a little rare compared to .22/410 versions, but they are still out there. Most folks seem to want to keep em though.
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My 24C "Camper's Companion" was a .22lr over a 20 and it came with 20" barrel; haven't seen this version.
Been there, tried that. Rare as hen's teeth, and when you do find them, they are the cost of a really fine Winchester or AR.

At the end of the day, if you succeed in finding one of these beauties, you're set up with a two-shot gun.
Thank you! That is the exact gun he is looking for. I talked to him about it and at this time he doesn't want to spend $2250 on it. If he changes his mind I'll definitely get it for him. Its good to see it finally. Thanks again
The 2250 is for a MAXIMUM, the others are for the 357 magnum
YUP GUNSINTERNATIONAL!!!!! be my first stop I see a few have done the digging
iv'e got two both shoot the .22/20ga. one shoots the .22 wmag the other shoots shorts, long and long rifle and yup like everyone has mentioned there like gold we us them for rabbit hunting or as I like to call them "Natures Potato Chips"
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