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Russian Liberation Army

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Russian Liberation Army.While the Soviet Union fought bravely, there were several serving officers as well as civilians who weren’t that happy with their leadership, particularly Stalin. General Andrey Vlasov became the central figure among all this. He was a former Soviet General, who had actively fought the invading Nazi, but after being completely surrounded by a German Army he was captured on July 12th, 1942.

While in captivity, no one truly knows why, but Vlasov started making statements against Stalin and his policies. He was often very critical and proposed an army consisting of Russians that was strong enough to challenge Stalin himself.
Adolf Hitler allowed the idea of the Russian Liberation Army to circulate in propaganda literature so long as no real formations of the sort were permitted. As a result, some Red Army soldiers surrendered or defected in hopes of joining an army that did not yet exist. Many Soviet prisoners of war volunteered to serve under the German command just in order to get out from Nazi POW camps which were notorious for starving Soviet prisoners to death.
Vlasov, along with his German and Russian allies, was desperately lobbying the German high command, hoping that a green light would be given for the formation of a real armed force that would be exclusively under Russian control.
Vlasov was taken to Berlin by the Wehrmacht’s Propaganda Machine, and plans were drafted for the creation of a Russian provincial government that was to be under the influence of Nazi Germany. Vlasov was put in charge of the Russian Liberation Committee in hopes of recruiting as many anti-Stalinists as possible.
The new army was called the Russian Liberation Army or ROA. Vlasov’s main way of recruitment was offering a democratic government to imprisoned Soviet officers as well as the general public. The Germans even dropped anti-Bolshevik leaflets over Soviet cities, trying to convince the general public to turn against the government.
The movement started out in 1942 and was only a small group, consisting of 3500 – 4000 personnel. But with the passage of time the ranks swelled and at one point even stood at 200,000 volunteers.

(Used info from Dutch National War Museum)
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Vlasov was Nazi collaborator. Period.
Fascists or Communists, Hitler or Stalin.
We should had listened to Patton and destroyed them both.
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