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So i finally bought one of these. Been wanting one for a long time and went to my LGS today to pick up some stuff and i made the mistake of looking at it. I think i said in another post that my next gun might be a Ruger....I'll add it to my permit this week and pick it up by Friday which means i might have to go shoot on Saturday.

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Nice and I really like the grips on yours. I have the Mark III version.
I had a Mark II. it was the hardest pistol to take apart that I ever owned. Finally sold it. It was a great gun but too hard to clean.
They can be tricky to put back together to say the least. I found that if you hold the pistol upside down (and pulling the trigger) while putting the disconnect (dingle berry) back in it was so much easier. Or you can buy this kit and it will make it simple-
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