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Folks, I'd like to let you all know about a Rifle Marksmanship and American Heritage clinic coming to a range near you. Thats right- NEAR YOU. With over 300 events scheduled throughout the country in 2009 alone, I'm fairly certain an event can be found within a few hours' drive from anywheresville, USA.

These events are called "Appleseeds", and are sponsored by The Revolutionary War Veterans Association; a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.

Attendees are taught rifle safety and the foundational marksmanship skills that will allow them to shoot accurately to 500 yards (the rifleman's quarter-mile) with only a stock rifle, sling, and iron sights. The focused lessons and supportive team teaching create a comfortable, no-fail environment for men, women, and children alike; and everyone, from the experienced competitive shooter to the never-touched-a-rifle-before beginner, will benefit from the clear instruction and individual coaching provided by the dedicated, volunteer staff.

During breaks in the marksmanship instruction, students learn about the events of April 19th, 1775, when the torch of liberty ignited. They learn about the determination and sacrifices of ordinary people who faced an extraordinary opponent to purchase our liberty, the vital role marksmanship played in the struggle, and the reason it is essential to preserve this heritage for future generations.

Appleseeds are FREE to women, people under 21, active military (including Guard and Reserve), and Revolutionary War re-enactors in period dress. All others: One day: $45*, Two Days: $70*. Some range facilities charge an additional range fee of ~$10 per person, per day. See our website for additional information.

*- Prices listed are for those that pre-register; an additional fee will be assessed for those that choose to walk on without pre-registering.

To learn more about the RWVA and Project Appleseed, see the nationwide Appleseed schedule, and register for an event, visit:

Don't see an event within driving distance? Contact your local range, and see if they would be willing to host an event! Give them my contact info (provided below) and I will answer any questions that they may have.

Eric "ItsanSKS" McCabe
Florida State Coordinator
Revolutionary War Veterans Association
Project Appleseed
Email:[email protected]
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