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The ads are all over the gun magazines now-days. Tasers can be purchased for self protection.

My worry is that anyone can walk up behind you, zap you with a Taser and take your money and your guns. Zap your wife in a parking lot and pick her up, toss her in a van and take off with her with no problem.

I am not sure what the laws are in each state about packing one of these electric pocket Taser C2s, but I for one am not in favor of them being offered to Bad Guys without the same legal blocks as firearms have.

What do you think??

I agree. There should be restrictions. If you're blindsided by one your handgun ain't worth jack ship. Plus people with serious medical conditions or pacemakers could die from the shock.
My LE son can't use one until he goes through special training including being zapped himself. Same for stun guns.
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