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Reloading Supplies.

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Where do you get your bullets, powders, dies and presses? Do you buy off the internet at some big outfit like Midway or some local dealer like Space Coast Bullets here in Brevard County, Florida? I get everything at my local dealer even though he is about 45 miles away. We go down there enough to make an hour stop there and pick up what I need. :)

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I buy powder and primers from a couple of places locally. I've bought from Midway and Natches, but when I want to buy in bulk, I call a place called Ammodirect in Memphis, TN to save on shipping (there closer to me than other stores).

I have bought powder and had it shipped, cause I really wanted to try it, but the shipping doubled the cost!

The way the prices are going up, it might not be a bad idea to stock up.
HOLY MOLY! I just went over to the midway website to look for some bullets, there were completely out of most 45acp bullets....with the prices going up there may be a run on supplies.
YeahBoy -- Sticker shock for sure! One of my customers just got a bad case of it -- he had asked me to load some .22-250 for him a couple of months ago, but putzed around and wouldn't commit. He finally did, and in the meantime, the brass cost increased by 45% !!

I do a lot of business with Midway (, and they have always treated me right, but I recently have been buying my .45ACP components from Outdoor Marksman ( I have a fairly large order from a customer who is presently in Afghanistan and he suggested them when I had trouble finding enough bullets to fill his order. Outdoor Marksman had my stuff to me in about five days (they're in Oregon, I'm in New Mexico). Reasonable prices and they didn't rape me on the shipping charges. Check em' out & see what you think.

Baldy was asking about tools and presses and such. My choice would be Sportsmens Warehouse, which recently opened here. Check to see if they have a store near you: .

Their prices are very close to Midway's but you don't pay the shipping fees. For dies, tools and such, I get a lot of my stuff from EBay. That's also where I sell a lot of my "surplus" stuff.
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Check these folks out. Good prices, good people & best of all I can drive there in 20 minutes or so! :)
I usually buy at Sportsmans Warehouse.

I have noticed that their supply of lead and primers has pretty much dried up! I guess its all going to the war effort or overseas in other areas. Even powder is going up and in short supply.

I can still get the old Bullseye powder since they don't use that for new ammo production.

Looks like the old technique of the "Gas Wars" has hit the reloading industry. Hey it works, they have got the prices about double what they were not too long ago.
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