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I have been using an RCBS bench mounted priming tool for many years and have never had any problems with it. Recently, however, I began teaching a friend of mine to reload and he was having a lot of problems seating primers. As I watched him closely I found that he was holding the case tightly against the rear of the shell holder while trying to seat the primer. This prevented the case from being able to "slip" into alignment with the priming stem as the stem was raised to seat the primer. When I brought this to his attention and instructed him to simply place the case in position and then let go if it, his problems disappeared. Perhaps this might be of help to you.

Also, I use H-335 powder almost exclusively in reloading for my .223. I've tried W-748, BLC-2, IMR-4198, and a smattering of other powders. I found that overall H-335 has given me the best accuracy. Also, with my rifle (Remington M-700 VSSF), I've had the best luck with bullets over 60 grains. At the present I'm working up loads for a varmint style AR-15 and my preliminary results seem to favor the heavier bullets as well. The AR has a 1:10 twist barrel and if I'm not mistaken the Remington has a 1:9.

One interesting thing I discovered with the Remington involved H-335 powder versus IMR-4198. I sighted in at 200 yards (the maximum availabe at my shooting range) using H-335 loads. The IMR-4198 loads shot about 2 inches lower using the same scope setting. But the IMR-4198 load was almost perfectly sighted in at 100 yards. This gave me a 200 yard zero using the H-335 loads and a 100 yard zero using the IMR-4198 loads without having to make any scope adjustments.
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