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My P220 is looking a little tired. I think I've put more wear on the razor-thin bluing in the few months since I bought it than the original owner did. I probably won't do anything until after Christmas, but you never know. Here's what I'm thinking about:

Hard chrome. Is this stuff as indestructible as it's supposed to be? I know it's hard, but I've also been told it's porous and allows moisture to reach the steel below unless the gun is kept carefully oiled as I do now. I don't want to pay to have a custom finish applied and then find it being flaked off by rust underneath. Is there any difference between the silver and the black chrome? I'd probably rather have the black.

Black-T. This is Teflon, I believe. Does that mean it's soft? Will it take more scratches and scuffs than hard chrome, for instance, all other things being equal?

Bearcoat. I just plain don't know much about this one.

Re-bluing. Anything to recommend this besides price? Obviously I don't want another SIG bluing job, but a local gunsmith could probably put a pretty nice finish on for me.

Above all, I don't want to hamper the function of the pistol.

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send it to sig. for 150 ish thell basically rebuild it. new everything springs firing pin. all the stuff that wears out. and then have them recoat it.


if you just want the finish id go with black-t. its really durable and the finish is slicker so it stands up to kydex use very well

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There are alot of different and good coatings that you can now get that are not really expensive nowadays. I just had some work done on my rifle and had the barrel Cera Kote'd by they have gallery on their website and info on the different coatings there (did a great job on my rifle, dark earth for barrel and camo for the stock).
They stand up to alot of wear and have other good qualities too. The above info is just one finisher, there are lots of them out there, check them out for Cera Kote, Duracoat and others online.
also if you want it chromed, the coatings look as good as chrome in chrome and have other benefits as coating has natural non friction or lubricating qualities, etc. check it out. good luck

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