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x-posted because maybe good lessons should be shared ...

My 11 year old grandson has been asking to go shooting with me, for over a year. Always asking how old he has to be to go. My reply has always been "It's not how old, it's how mature. You can go when you know the 4 rules of firearms safety." Well he's on and off tried, gets a couple right, muffs a couple. Mainly focused on video games.

Last week he surprised me and said "I've got them." He not only recited the 4, but explained what each meant. Deal is a deal. This past weekend we went. Curiously, my wife, not anti-gun, just not a gun person decided she wanted to wipe the cob webs off her hardly shot Charter Arms .38. A family affair.

Long story short, grandson cut his teeth on a Ruger 10/22, single shot loaded. NO safety violations, and after taking instruction on safety location, clearing the rifle, sight picture and trigger control, graduated to 5 rounds at a time, and had rounds in the center at 10 yards. Later the wife fired her revolver for familiarity and grandson got to experience one round of softball centerfire. Small steps.

So. One slowly experiencing young shooter, one reacquainted shooter, and the grandson is now my new range partner. All in all, my definition of a good range day. Thanks for reading

-jb, bringing them along
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