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Questions regarding colt's le6920 magpul series

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I'm looking at getting another AR, so naturally I was drawn to Colt. I've made my final decision on getting the LE6920, but there's one thing to that. I want to upgrade my AR, with mostly MAGPUL items. And on Colt's website, they have two models of the LE6920 with MAGPUL furniture. I figure why not go ahead and grab the model already shipped with MAPGUL outfitting and probably save 100-200 dollars on MAGPUL stuff rather than get the factory default LE6920, which is nothing bad, just I want mine customized. And I also thought "Well, if I wanted to get rid of my handguard or stock, I'd be able to sell it and make money rather than losing money since I wouldn't have to customize my default AR and then go out and lose more money by buying the 'items' one by one"." Excuse my long and drawn out typing, but here's the long story short and the reason why I came here to hopefully have my question answered. I'm getting an LE6920 either way, but I want a MAGPUL model one. The model is the "LE6920MPS-B" and the only thing stopping me from getting one is the fact that on Colt's website, it shows the MAGPUL items in a grey color, but I want my Ar and MAGPUL items all black, and when I looked the model on google up, it showed the MAGPUL furniture black and the front A2 sight being black, which I want, rather than being grey. So I'm just here to find out if the LE6920MPS-B has black or grey MAGPUL equipment. Thanks in advance and I apologize for any of the spelling or grammar errors. Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC > Catalog > Rifles > LE6920 Series Also, there is the link to it on Colt's website.
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You've done the due diligence and decided wisely in selection of the Colt LE6920. Now it's just down to the vexing choice of "cosmetics", or furniture if you like. And this is not a real problem. You can always change colors and "flavors" but your base rifle is and remains one of the finest available made by people who who are second to none in experience of making them.
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