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PSA seems to be knocking it out of the park as of late. I watched a few videos from SHOT and they really seem to be going above and beyond, expanding their product line, and giving people what they want at reasonable prices. They have a Jackal which is a .300BLK/5.56 monolithic upper (not of a typical AR variety) that is a buffer tubeless design but that can attach to an AR lower. They have their Glock 19 competitor pistol. They’re promising that their MP5 clone will roll out sometime this year. They’ve got a number of new AKs. The representative said that they’re also looking to develop an SVD clone in 7.62x54 with .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor to follow. Of everything that I’ve seen from this year’s SHOT, PSA has me the most excited. Other manufacturers have cool stuff, but besides the big YouTube gun channels and rich people, I doubt the normal working man will get to own a lot of those items. PSA makes good products and doesn’t require people to decide whether buying a gun or paying for a mortgage, college, etc is more important.

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If everyone sells a can of DR PEPPER at $3, you’ll pay $3 no matter what. If the guy down to road starts selling them at $2 you can either adapt or watch him outsell everyone ten to one. Eventually everyone will sell it at $2 to $2.40.

PSA has always given great value to try and make prices better for everyone. That is the owners mission statement. They have sacrificed their own resale value to achieve this. PSA has always put out good quality, low priced items. Not CHEAP items.

This introduction is another bite in the market that is needed because Glock has always given less for more. Plastic sights, plastic guide rods, no safety means less parts - yet they charge you more while Smith & Wesson has given you stainless guide rods, steel sights, and safety options (also metal) on guns for less $ this entire time.

PSA is about to make things better for everyone, even if you don’t want one.
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