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Project Veritas

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Keep in mind that this data is what former Google employee Zachary Vorhies presented to Project Veritas.
There are still other lists, other data sets, and more documents out there related to Google’s biases, censorship and corruption. We’re basically just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

Basically Google is controlling what you can search for, what shows up, and how frequently.

According to the previous Project Veritas leaks, this information control was going to be used to help sway the 2020 elections so they wouldn’t have “another Trump situation”.
Additional documents reveal that it isn’t just YouTube where they’re filtering the results and trying to subversively construct views and opinions through social engineering, they’re also doing it through the Google News vector as well, with various sites being blacklisted from appearing in GNews.

In plain English, the Twiddler helps re-rank search suggestions made on sites like YouTube and Google, and gives preferred results based on criteria that the engineers implement into the algorithm’s database. What this does is it helps reorganize how sites or content appears across YouTube and Google products from certain outlets, and then those outlets are given ratings based on the “Raters” that are employed.

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How Orwellian of them.
Social media will be the death of society
Was Google, at one time, a protector of people's freedoms? Apparently people's freedoms is not as profitable as pushing for a extreme lefty ideology.
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