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Behold. Many of us have been overlooking some of the most important survival equipment, and that is personal safety protection, especially in the eye area. People prepare for the given "Bug out" scenario, but they won't always be katrina hurricanes, riots, or bombings. We live in a dirty bomb era; you guys are forgetting respirators, to shield your lungs from harmful outside agents. All the canned food, ammo, and guns in the world mean nothing if you choke to death in the middle of them all. For the people that one them, there are mil-surp. ones, for sale anyway. However, the four-eyes in the group like me can't wear full-face respirators, and things like that, so we've got to make do. There are respirators there that fit over the lower half of the face, and then there are full-face models. Like I said, the full-face ones are not glasses-wearer-friendly. Thus, the link above goes to a website that sells many various kinds of eye protection that can be made to come equipped with prescription inserts, for people like me that have hard times with glasses. Heck, people that don't need glasses and just need eye protection probably ought to consider a pair. The ones sold are intended to be used for extreme sports, construction, but they even sell military-grade eye wear that is 3 mm thick, that fits very well of course over helmets should any of you decide to use one as part of your survival gear. Logically decrees they will fit over thick hearing protection (IE: Earmuffs), which makes them an invaluable addition to general range safety, and there are several brands of eye wear that look like normal sunglasses, and fit right over your current pair, for discreet use. Depending on your style, they could also make a killer fashion statement, and the Mrs. can even get a pair she likes; I've seen some nifty designs on there.

(I did notice the fact that many of these models have open-slit sides, which are no good when defending against things like tear gas, smoke, or other things that make your eyes water. The only real solution I've come up with so far is none other than duct tape, or trying your luck with some sort of artificial sealant. >.>)
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