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Poll: Should AR-15s be more heavily regulated?

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Get your votes in. Not sure if it will sway the politicians or not.
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As of 6:16pm

YES = 473 (4%)
NO = 12856 (96%)
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Them damn Russian Bots.
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The polling at this site is not "fair." It's java script and it can be easily botted.

I can vote, kill their cookie, and vote again. That process can (and is) programmed.

I have done this and it's a hoot. When the poll results make NO sense at all, the comment section goes wild.

For instance, I have placed thousands of votes within a three-second window. :wink:

Scan the polls at that site. You don't have to vote on any, just click, View Results.

You'll see immediately that every single poll is pegged out in favour of the conservative answer.

No surprise there. The publication is conservative, provocative, and off the rails.

This is why we will never vote across the Internet.
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No To place heavier regulations on a semi auto rifle is like placing more regulation on a Tablespoon because it holds more than a teaspoon.
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