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Pocket carry: drawing when seated??

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For those who carry in the pocket, how do you manage the draw when seated - like at a restaurant when you're scooted up to the table?
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Dumb question when all you have to do is stand up and say shoot me!!:mad2:
For those who carry in the pocket, how do you manage the draw when seated - like at a restaurant when you're scooted up to the table?
It takes practice. I wear at 4 o'clock. I wear a tank top (wife beater) so the Kydex holster isn't against my bare skin. Over that, I wear a long coloured T-shirt that covers my EDC. Over that, I wear an unbuttoned casual shirt.

To draw, I do a "thumbs up" with my arm hanging down behind me, inside forearm touching the grip (through two layers of shirts) and work the thumb under the clothing and grab the handgun. I mostly practice with single-hand draw. I'm right-handed and I do practice grabbing all that cloth with my left hand to clear, and it's a whole lot faster, but it's telling.

Back to the single-hand thumb draw, I just keep the gun pointed down. If things were to go sideways in a restaurant, I'd want to be ready first, then make the decision. Hopefully, I don't alert those around me and I can simply re-holster if it's a false alarm.

I've done it once when my wife and I (she carries, too) noticed a weird guy walking up to the counter, loud and obnoxious with stuff in his hands. He was commode-hugging drunk, so I just put my gun up.

Again, practice.
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I wear tactical shorts 12 months out of the year and just pulled my P238 out of the Stickey holster seated at the computer with no problem and re-holstered it. Just leaned slightly back to do it but I'm lean enough that there's nothing hanging in the way to impede my draw. I guess just practice and stay slim. There were 4 obnoxious younger guys hitting on the waitress at I-HOP about a week ago so I just oriented my seat where I could observe and would be able to act if things went badly until they got them out of there. My wife was no help because she just got to staring at them which brought their focus to us, which is bad. I would never even consider pulling a firearm in a restaurant unless it was to the point that lives were in danger because in a dynamic environment it's hard not to shoot innocents even with lots of training. The pocket pistol is carried into places like I-HOP where guns are not allowed and is never noticed.
practice and do what works........

for me i extend one leg, lean back and to the side, and have no problems accessing my revolver from my front pocket. If the location does not allow that......say at church in the pew, then i simply drop to one knee (gun side) and simply draw........

the style/size of gun will come into small revolver is shrouded in design and the handles of a revolver just seem easier to get ahold of for pocket draw compared to a semi and the slab profile they present.............

a too small of a gun....while concealing well....can slow you down as you dig deeper and fish for it.....use a good decent pocket holster to keep the gun positioned.
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"Restaurant" was not necessarily a specific setting. Just one of the most confining situations I could think of when seated. I'm sure there's others that are as bad or worse.

Right now I'm sitting at the computer, and the top of the pocket of my jeans is right at the crease of the bend of my hip. To fish anything out of that pocket - especially a relatively bulky firearm - and do it quickly seems like quite the chore. Hence the question.
probably 99 percent of the time i pocket carry........and to those ends i gradually moved away from jeans.

i have switched to to cargo or tactical pants.......i enjoy the larger front pockets and and larger opening to the pockets......and that alone does make the draw easier as well.

jean pockets for the most part are a tad snug in any position for me.....
Yep. Agreed. Tactical pants like LAPG look casual so you don't look like a ninja but work well.
Well guns in pocket I an seated and someone throwing shots or are about to YEAH this is why I carry 4-5 o clock on a belt rather than in my jockey shorts, appendix, crotch. Dont let fact dissuade you from carrying 6 whole bullets in a gun stuffed down your pants cause its cool
I've never been cool - couldn't pull it off if I tried!! And now in my 60s I'm too far behind the curve to even start. Nope - I'm asking about what's practical and workable. And 6 rounds is definitely not practical!!
Pocket draw while seating I do the same as reaching for my wallet or anything else in my front pockets. I either do the lean or stretch or both. Nothing wrong with standing to run or hiding under the table.
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