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Philadelphia shootout wounds multiple officers, reports say

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With no mention of the suspect, I'll wager I know what his skin color is. "Nicetown" sounds like a misnomer!
Started with a 'narcotics call'. Drug house. Armed, black, drug dealers. Six officers shot. Non life threatening injuries.
Looks like a slum. DEA going after drug dealers. There ya go, pretty much sums it up. The guy is still inside shooting at the ceiling, cops upstairs.
Not a good area of philly. No place you wanna be after dark.
I’m going to bet that was not a politically motivated act. Given the neighborhood I’m going to put my money on it was a gang banger type.

North philly (where this happened) and West philly both have some very, very rough hoods.
Probably real close to MLK Blvd.
Now would be the time to rob a bank in Philly. Every cop in the city is at this incident.
This is the general area of philly where this shooting is taking place
Serving a narcotics warrant went wrong.
Time for an RPG.
I wonder if the row home is fortified? Sounds like they are having a tough time getting to the suspect(s).
White shirts and pot bellies have arrived. Its about over.
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That must have been a nice town at one time, long ago.
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As was every other democrat shithole in this country.
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I’m sure they are legal purchasers of those guns. It may not be drug related at all. It could have been a Red Flag confiscation gone bad.
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Seems like the suspect(s) only have a six-shot wheel gun.
Are we talking assault revolvers now?
I heard an AR-15 and some handguns. Wether he had one or not, they will say he did.
bring in the SEALS, deputize them, and get out of their way..................of course that will never happen.....

so......the hostages/officers are now out of the building.....give it about 24 hours, tear gas it, and have the fire dept on stand-by........
6 wounded police officers, released quickly (minor head wound, stubbed toe, splinter, hangnail, broken glass, etc.) On the radio, they made it sound like the 6 were dead. Or maybe the Liberals just WISHED they had been killed.
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