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Perspectives on a Winchester Model 88

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I'm looking at a Winchester Model 88 chambered in .308

It will be used for range fun and long range plinking vs hunting

Anyone have a perspective to share? I love levers and this relatively unique gun looks like a good acquisition

Thought about the semi-auto Model 100 (had one picked out ready to order until I heard of the slam fire recall and the seller didn't know if the Model 100 that they were selling had ever been fixed)
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Both the model 88 and model 100 Winchesters were great rifles and it was a real shame that Winchester decided to take them out of production. If you can find either a model 88 or model 100 in decent shape at a reasonable price you wouldn't regret having either model.
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It is a great rifle.
Internet prices are all over the place from $800.00 to over $3K guess it depends on condition.
For my money I will stick with Henry lever actions. Built and all materials come from the USA.
Great customer service. Great reasonable prices. Can buy a new rifle for less than a used Winchester
And if you are not crazy about tube fed rifles, they just started making them with a side loading gate so you have two ways to reload.
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