Let's use this thread to post items we want to pass along (aka pay forward) to our colleagues here at NGF

No rules... If you need it, just respond "I'll take it, please" and then PM the poster. Share address info. and make arrangements for shipping via PMs

If you receive something via this thread, we are all enouraged to post something to pay forward... It keeps the fun going!

I'll start... I have two holsters for Sig P365 (both fit all models, including models with optics)

1- Concealment Express RH IWB with adjustable cant and retention

2- Fobus RH OWB (fits all models too including optics)

Product Sleeve Bag Luggage and bags Everyday carry

Auto part Titanium Font Bicycle part Fashion accessory

Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory Wood String instrument accessory Luggage and bags

Wood Automotive exterior Tool Tin Bumper