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Off for a 150 mile trip up to the Mountain today, back in the woods and off the main path.

Packed my trusty 45 acp with a mix of ball and hollowpoint ammo. Some hot Cor-Bon stuff I dug out of the ammo closet. Cougar medcine, if you can see them coming!!

Visited a buddy that owns orchards up in the high country and he is in the process of putting up a fence completely around his orchard. He has a herd of over 30 Elk that visit often and they have distroyed over 450 trees so far this year. He can't shoot them because you have to call the game warden, skin the animal and give the meat over to various charities. Big hassle for him. So he tries to scare them off by shooting his 12 guage and using the sound devices that scare away the birds. Black Bears visit from time to time also but they are not the problem that the Elk have become.

Oregon has some beautiful country and its nice to visit in the summer. Winter comes and its a rain soaking mess out there.
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