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My girlfriend and I are seriously into older guns, but older as in the World Wars and Korea...maybe a shade earlier. You probably won't find a lot of flintlocks in our collection anytime soon (though I'm starting to consider it, having just said that...)

The four oldest we have are...

H&R Model 1904 revolver in .38 Smith and Wesson. Made in 1908

Luger P08 made by DWM, made in 1910.

Berthier Carbine, M1910, made that year and modified in 1916

Colt/Browning M1903 in .32 ACP, made in 1911

That H&R was a long time coming. My girlfriend and I were at a gun show, perhaps a year ago, and she saw one with a beat up nickel finish. She picked it up and it took a little coaxing for her to put it down. She decided right then and there that she wanted one. The issue faded from her mind as the months passed and we acquired other firearms, until last December when my friend and I went to another gun show here in Albuquerque, and lo and behold, there was one. This one has a blued finish with its share of wear, but the bore was good. I bought it on the spot and she got it for Christmas. She will not be using it for self-defense, but she has it just as a historical curiosity that might be fun to pop off with now and then. I got it for $125.

Adding a Luger to my collection was a journey. With my tastes in firearms, the fact that I would own a Luger was pretty much written in stone. I bought a Mauser-built Luger back in the summer of 2001 for $550 or thereabouts, dated 1916, and considering the date, you can imagine what it must have done when issued. After I had it for a month, the mini-series Band of Brothers debuted, along with Sgt. Don Malarkey, who wanted nothing more than to bring a Luger home for his kid brother. As the series progressed and the Luger issue kept coming up, I would go get mine, being proud that I had one. Then I pulled the toggle the the trigger...nothing. I stripped it and the firing pin had broken. Rather than go through the hassle of getting another, I returned it to the gun store and they replaced it with another. This one had a more beat-up finish (which I tend to like) and was a DWM made in 1910. It was also only $450, meaning I also got a check for $100 from them...and a shell holster. It all worked out.

Two Thanksgivings ago, we had occasion to be at the gun store again (there are several here in Albuquerque, but we just frequent one...they know us and they have the stuff we like) and my gal was looking at stuff a few yards from me and fell in love. She grabbed this carbine without knowing much about it and showed it to me, stating very bluntly that she was getting it, no questions asked. She asked if I knew anything about it, and I recognized it instantly. It was a World War I French Berthier cavalry carbine, but with the extended magazine holding five rounds (as opposed to three originally...lousy idea there), and that these modifications were made in 1916. This weapon was beat to hell but the inside was tip-top. It was only $135, and that day it was hers. (She named it "Belle." 8mm Lebel ammo isn't easy to find, but I got a bag of twenty rounds at a recent gun show for $10. Good stuff.

About three years ago, when my girlfriend and I were at the gun store, she fell instantly in love with a Colt M1903. There were others in the case, ranging from $225 all the way up to $800. We pooled our cash (we hadn't intended to buy anything that we didn't have much on us) and she got the $225 right then and there. It has a worn nickel finish and shoots well, as long as we don't use PRC ammunition (Winchester works perfectly, however). I checked the serial number, and it was made in 1911. She loves it to death.

We have stuff not much younger, but those are the old farts.

Old School.
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Great hobby you got there for the two of you. Just becareful shooting them old guns as a lot of them can't take the preasures of moderen ammo. I got a few myself but they are family heirlooms and wall hangers now. I have a hard time at gun shows as everything I see I want.(kid in a candy store.) :i:
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