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US assembling a devastating strike force in the Middle East

Thomas Lifson
October 29, 2019

The American media are paying no attention to it, but you can be sure that the mullahs in Tehran have noticed: The United States is openly deploying the weapons necessary to launch a devastating attack on Iran, should the need arise. The Australian media are not so shy, as shows:

The United States is quietly building up its forces in striking range of Iran.

B-1B bombers have arrived in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with stealth fighters, missile batteries and specialist troops.

Exactly why they’re there depends on who you listen to.

Everything changed when, on September 14, wave after wave of cruise missiles and drones burst among Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Shockwaves rippled around the world.

According to international intelligence agencies, the brazen strikes came from Iranian soil. But few have openly come out and accused the Government in Tehran of being behind them.

Iran insists it has had nothing to do with raids on oil tankers or the bombing of Saudi Arabia. But claims that Yemeni Houthi rebels were responsible have been dismissed as implausible.

It’s a classic example of modern grey warfare, where even implausible deniability shields rogue nations from international consequences.​

B-1B bombers are not “grey warfare” but they can act as a backup against escalating retaliation for the grey warfare that is already underway in response to Iran:

…is Saudi Arabia already applying similar grey tactics in response?

News of explosions tearing through an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea earlier this month is just the latest incident in what appears to be a slowly but relentlessly escalating confrontation.​

The deployemnt is acting as a shield permitting the grey warfare to be symmterical. Saudi Arabia can deniably match the deniable attacks of the mullahs. If they escalate, they know that doom is nearby. “Peace through strength” is the motto of the Strategic Air Command, and it works. The USAF is making no screty ofthe deployment.

But our media would rather ignore this strategic move in favor of defending the virtue of al Baghdadi and other distractions.
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We need to get out of the region, or end this once and for all with total and devastating force.
With ALL nations participating with their own "blood and treasure", not just us.

Cowboy, Whether we stay or go, no matter, Iran is going to start a war.

Your right:
If we choose to go, We need to do it soon.
If we choose to fight, We need to end it once and for all!
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