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I just finished reading "One Ranger" by H. Joaquin Jackson.

Something that made it more interesting was that I remember some of that stuff happening in South Texas while I was growing up and also after I was grown. Didn't seem to have the same impact as it does today.

I've known a few DPS Troopers who went onto become Texas Rangers. It takes a special kind of guy.

I knew a little bit about Joaquin Jackson but I did not know about the personal tragedy he was dealing with while he was serving Texas.

One of my Great (many times) grandfathers was one of the original group called Texas Rangers. He was killed by Waco Indians in the early 1820s. I son John Jackson and Peter F. Tumlinson rode as Rangers. They were actually citizens of Mexico at the time, as was any person living in Texas until 1836.

The book was a good read.

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