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I wasn't actually hunting but, just killed a big ground hog that had taken up residence under my barn.
Used my CZ 527 kevlar varmint in .204 ruger with fed 39 gr. blitz king Sierra. The bullet struck the big
female in the left sholder and completely romoved it. The hog did not move except down flat on the ground.
The shot was about 125 yd. piece of cake with the Leupold 4.5-14 set at 6 power.
I am feeling good about myself and my rifle. I had been after that pesky little b_t_h for about a week.
She was so distructive tunneling around under the foundation and scaring my goat.

Since she fell straight down, does that mean an early spring?

Glad you got her, we have the same problems with armadillos down here in GA. They don't like my .223 much.
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