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Old post search question

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I'm looking for an old post which I think was in the funny picture thread. It was a high cap magazine that said MAGAzine and had a caricature of Trump. I can't find it and I don't remember who posted it. I would like to submit the design to a company that makes water slide decals. It was maybe a year or two ago. If someone remembers it or can do a search it would be great. I have terrible luck with the search feature here. Thank you.
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Can't be too old!
Yup, you are right since I have been a member for a year. I know I posted right after it so I maybe able to find it in my subscribed threads. That will be a long shot. Anyone remember it?
I remember exactly what you're taking about. Finding it though would take quite some time.

Just type "Trump AR magazine" into a google image search and you'll find what you're looking for.
Thanks speed but no dice. I searched my subscribed thread and no luck there either. I did find the thread from the gal from Florida who was traveling to Colorado and wanted to know about flying back with a shotgun. Her name was soiledgirl, interesting!

Edit: I was searching in yahoo but I tried google and found some that are close. Thanks guys for the help.
Courtesy of Google.

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Yep, I found the same one so I'm going with that. Sent the pic to my brother to make MAGA in red and put as many as he can on a sheet of paper,.size wise it's right. I ordered some inkjet clear water slide decal paper from Amazon so I'll give it a shot. Anyone need some, let me know after I reply with results.

Thanks for the help, I knew you would come through.
There are a lot of them in various designs
Welcome back fit! I went with the design wag posted but found one with maga in bold letters. Still waiting for my brother to photoshop it as I have no clue how to remove the design from the picture. Decal paper will be here tomorrow!!!
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