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I hinted that October would be a good month for the drawing

The September winner asked me if I could give a clue to what Octobers drawing would be.

I replied that if anyone could find the relationship between 4 numbers they would know exactly what the October drawing was for. The Numbers were 9, 19, 29, 30

Here is the explanation to this clue and what the drawing in October is for.

9 X 19 and 9mm Luger is the same thing. 29 is the atomic number for copper. 30 is the atomic number for zinc. Copper and Zinc are combined to make brass.

OK I know... crappy clue. It was all I could come up with.

The October drawing is for at least 450 pieces of 9mm range brass. The cases have been cleaned and deprimed but not sized. The head stamps are mixed. In the pic the cases still have their primers because taking a scan of deprimed brass makes the primer pocket look wierd.

For some reason these cases have tarnished really quickly. What came out of my tumbler were nice bright brass cases. I laid them out to dry on a towel and when I got home tonight they were no longer bright. I'm not sure what is going on there.

What do I mean by " At least 450 "? Well I have 450 right now. I will probably go to the range 4 or 5 times between now and the end of October. Who knows what I might find there? If I find more 9mm brass I will clean it and deprime it and send it along to the winner.

NOTE: This is NOT once fired brass. This is RANGE brass. Brass that was left laying on the ground at the shooting range. I have no way of knowing how often it has been loaded and fired. I have not inspected these cases other than in normal handling. USE EXTREME CAUTION when loading these cases. Only an experienced hand loader should consider using these cases and MUST inspect each case CAREFULLY!

Only members with 50 or more posts are eligible for the drawing.
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