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Obviously Toy Gun Prompts Lockdown of Three Florida Campuses

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OCTOBER 6, 2019

Welcome to the United States of Hysteria. A toy gun that would have been easy to identify as such in a bygone era when more kids were allowed to play with such things prompted law enforcement to lock down three different college campuses on Thursday.


A security alert which resulted in three college campuses in Florida going on lockdown was later revealed to be a false alarm involving a brightly colored toy gun.An alarm was raised after a student at Florida Atlantic University reported seeing a man with a rifle on campus on the evening of Thursday, October 3. The student said the man walked towards her whilst she was in her car and pointed a gun at her.​

The incident happened at night, so that has to be taken into account. Still, she was leaving a campus parking lot, so it's a safe assumption that the lighting was decent. The other thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that the gun didn't look anything like a real firearm.

That thing looks like it was made in a Play-Doh Fun Factory.

This kind of panic and nonsensical waste of law enforcement time is brought to you by anti-gun liberals who know nothing about guns but continue to scream "ASSAULT WEAPONS!" every chance they get just to terrorize the public.

Congratulations, it worked.

There was also a time in America when we didn't sanitize our children's play experience with political correctness. Those children grew up with basic adult coping skills, like being able to identify a toy gun.

In the effort to turn out PC automatons, public education has succeeded in creating a generation of easy-to-scare idiots.

Wait until the current generation of young kids hits adulthood after having been convinced by their elders and an unhinged Swedish teenager that the weather is going to kill them.

The politics of emotion -- which are the only politics liberals have -- only work when the emotions are kept high. There are negative consequences to that. Sadly, consequences have also been tossed by the wayside in the way we educate and bring up children.

This should go swimmingly.
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The general populace is becoming choked with dithering idiots.
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And these will be the ones taking care of you in that assisted living facility
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i did not know it was possible for someone to be so stupid
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Thank the school teachers.
The general populace has become choked with dithering idiots.
I fixed it for you......
Let us see: The "authorities" ignored over 50 credible indicators that the nut case of Cruz was a dangerous individuals, now they see what is obviously a toy and everyone is in panic and they have to close 3 Universities. It seems to me that these "authorities" have gone mad or that the pendulum has moved the other way so hard that it has strike the head of the idiots that are members of such "authorities"
anyone who believes this is a real gun are too stupid to vote
anyone who believes this is a real gun are too stupid to vote
Agreed! but they still go out to vote, and, or course, they vote DemocRAT.
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