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They have a new money raising idea. The American Rifleman Video Collection.

I got my first one, "Advanced Personal Defense Combat Focus Shooting!" It looks like a good video. I may get sucked in again. They are $25 per video and who knows how many will be produced.

I bought the first series a few years ago about guns. The Winchester, Machine Guns and on and on. Some of them were very good and I enjoyed them a lot. But the cost was big money and I could have bought a gun for the total spent at the end of the collection.

Did you get the same DVD as I did, what do you think about the topic?

Do you think its a big ripoff or a good cause?

This is first I've heard, I'm a member but I don't check the web site much. I get a call about 1x month wanting $$, I just sent $50 and am supposed to get something in return. I was half asleep and paid up front so I didn't have to listen to recording of Wayne LaP.
Maybe I'll get the CD?
Thanks for the heads up.
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