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North Korea's Army Made an AK-47 'On Steroids': Meet the Type 88 Rifle

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Wonder how often it jams?
Starving soldiers have shaky hands.
Hard to hit anything when you have not had a decent meal in months.
If NOKO ever does a land invasion into the south. I would just drop cases of food in front of them. It would stop them in their tracks .
I think they simply painted a empty Pringle's can black and wired it to the bottom side of an AK.
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There is really nothing new except for the magazine. It's just an AK-74 (7.62x39 mm) with a very high capacity helical magazine.
Well. Now that just about every country in the world has copied the profile/shape of our helmet and pretty much our overall BDU/fatiques, silhouette identification will become a lost ski9ll.
Are they suppoed to look scary? I kind of laughed. They're wearing sun glasses bought from Wa-Wa. China put out some propaganda film and I just vould not believe the laughs I got out of it. Like they were trained by romper room.

Thats nice they made the AK heavier, bulkier, plus more ammunition to carry means more weight to carry other then this monstrosity. Must be easy to move round with it (sarcasm). When it jams have fun quickly removing that torpedo in combat and getting out the other to replace it. More ammunition in a magazine does not mean effective or deadlier.
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I don't think they are Pringles cans---look more like document tubes! Great for carrying "travel documents" as they explore the peoples land while driving the peoples care using the peoples gas.
It north Korea’s version of a bizon pp19 aka jam o lot lol
I have it on good authority that the glorious leader Kim Jong-Sung invented the AK-47 and built all these guns with his bare hands.

North Korea has some of the best weapons! They used and use the original WW2 steel formulas by Krupp

Now if they mud tested this one it would work and keep on going and going and going with a ton of mud on it because it's a real AK47

This thing will sell for thousands of dollars at an auction house as a "Class III machine gun".In Africa or Afghanistan it's probably worth one small goat or a few chickens. That's all I could think

Have a good cigar and regards
As-salāmu ʿalaykum
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