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New STI SPARTAN range report

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Sunday i got the okay from mrs leeindy to buy a new 1911. so i had scott springer( loves2shoot) ship me up a new STI Spartan. It showed up wednsday. Yeah scotts just that good. Upon opening the package at my FFLs house the first thing that came to mind was WOW.

ive owned springfield mil specs and rock island armorys and as far as 1911s in the under 600 dollar range go.......... this is the best available.

the frame to slide fit is amazing. its not so tight it wont run but not so loose you cant hit a paper plate at 50. trigger pull is crisp and smooth. i dont have a pull gage but id put it right around 5-6 lbs. the reach on it was perfect for my hands.

the sights are amazingly bright. the front fiber pipe sits a little to low in the sight so its gonna be swapped for a Dawson. but the reat sight isnt going anywere. the whole package is exactly what you would expect from STI just purely exquisite.

take down was a little bit of a pain since the bushing is match fit its really tight and i ve never owned a 1911 with a full length guide rod.

inside i found flawless forgings. a polished feed ramp and a beveled magwell. ( big must after trying to make a springfield gi 45 run with little sucess.)

the only thing i didnt care for was the polymer main spring housing but many thanks to Alaskapopo for supplying me with an extra he had.

and now how does its shoot.

well when i got her i didnt have a chance to make it to the range before saturday and it just so happened that there was a uspsa match that day. one thing lead to another and i ended up shooting the STI in the single stack division.

so my first rounds out of this were at a 6 rack of 8in plates. the first round was high the secound round was a little low and the secound one was dead on. (sights were set just a little high at 15 yards) i cleared the remaineder of the rack and then proceded to run for the texas star. reloading with this gun is fairly easy. and all the controls are easily manipulated and there was no pinch from the beaver tail.

after clearing the star ( 8 rounds total at it. personal best) i was done shooting.

my mags are now full of sand. the range in kenai is nothing but sand. kinda crappy but they have tons of props which makes it super sweet.

lets just say for an out of the box gun to shoot 100 rounds with out a single malfunction is quite a testament to this guns quailty.

i only had two mags that didnt drop free. and i blame the sand.

stay tuned for videos.

and here is one

sti spartan stage video 1

more to come

and heres some more

classifier cm06-03 "can you count"

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Very cool Lee! I heard a bunch of alpha's, and dont be so hard on yourself. Fine shootin'
Nothing like a new gun that works good out of the box. Just keep shooting your doing a fine job. Good luck. :---

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red-rider said:
Very cool Lee! I heard a bunch of alpha's, and dont be so hard on yourself. Fine shootin'
i was upset about my time. i shoot my glock a million times faster. but i have about 5k more rounds threw it.
new videos added
Practice makes better! Keep it up LEE! Good shootin! :-B-: :---
revolverm2342 said:
Practice makes better! Keep it up LEE! Good shootin! :-B-: :---
Disreguard that. its shoot then beers, not beers than shoot.
:--- :-B-: OK
:-B-: :--- Not Ok
new videos added now
Lee, have you tried some lead wadcutters in it yet? What are you shooting in it?
I'd really like to see some up close pics, leeindy!!! ;)
200 grain wad cutters run easy. and i put some pics up in the photo area
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