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Hi all, new member here. Im from upstate NY and a bit of a late bloomer in the world of firearms. I inherited a gold mine and have been an enthusiast ever since.
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Greetings And Welcome To The Forum

Howdy upstater, When you say gold mine is it producing enough for you to send me samples?
Welcome! I did not get back into shooting until I turned 56, now I'm 77. At first it was skeet & trap, and now trying to improve scores with handguns and airguns.
Welcome from NC!
Welcome from NJ,
I assume you meant a gold-mine of firearms. Anyway, welcome to the forum.

First, whoever you inherited them from, I hope, spent a lot of time using them with you so you're real familiar with gun safety. It sounds a bit worrisome that you're just getting into guns by inheritance; that sounds like you got a bunch of guns with no real knowledge about how to use them safely. If that's the case, contact the state NRA offices or local gunshops about some safety training.

Read, and reread, these 10 safety rules. Follow them so extremely that people around you think you're a paranoid gun safety nut. It would be terrible to have to live with the results of not having those rules and behaviors built into your muscle memory.

And then, next step for a new gun owner is to make sure you're able to keep your goldmine of guns. Read the Constitution - and reread it several times. Study the original intent and writings of the Founders (Federalist papers and anti-Federalist papers are a good start but not the entire picture) to understand the history and the meaning of all of the rights mentioned there. Gun rights are not just the product of the 2nd Amendment, as CNN and the left would have you believe. Gun rights are a natural right - they come from the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, among others. If someone can take your life without you having hope of defending it, what good is a right to life?

Gun owners should be absolute in their defense for every provision of the Constitution, as originally intended by the Founders. Even ideas we don't agree with, we expect the government to follow unless they change the Constitution according to Article V. If the government can operate outside of the Constitution and take any of your rights then they can take, well, any of your rights, including the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, if they can take not your rights but the rights of a person you despise most, then they can take your right as well. So, as I said, as a new gun owner, you should also be a new constitutionalist - fighting as you're able to defend the constitutional rights of everyone, whether you love them or hate them.

And then, the third step for a new gun owner is to share some range reports with your new buddies at NGF. :wink:
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Greetings and Salutations
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