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New from People’s Socialistic Republik of Boulder

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New guy checking in from the Front Range in Colorado.
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Welcome from NW Iowa!
Welcome from Florida!
Greetings and Salutations
I spent a lot of time (and dollars) at the Bus Stop. Is it still open?
Welcome from NJ!
I spent a lot of time (and dollars) at the Bus Stop. Is it still open?

I couldn't say. I wouldn't have thought that the virtue-signaling komrads of Boulder would allow a den of iniquity like that to stay open, but I believe it's technically in Boulder County outside the city limits, so maybe.
It was back in the mid 80's, so I doubt it's still there. Someone on here said once it was still open, and that wasn't all that long ago, so..... Lot's of pretty women in Boulder!
Welcome from the state of Texas where the lightning whelk is the official state shell.

Shankha Conch Conch Shell Snails and slugs
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Welcome! You know you're in Colorado when you see a $5,000. mountain bike on top of a $500. car.
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Welcome aboard.
Welcome from NC!
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