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Neighbor: Gunman Was 'Violent, Aggressive'

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02 September 2019

A neighbor of the gunman who killed seven people in West Texas described him as "a violent, aggressive person" that would fire his guns at all hours of the night.

Rocio Gutierrez tells The Associated Press that her family has lived near Seth Ator for the past five months. But she says they were afraid of him.

Gutierrez says Ator would go out at night and shoot at animals, mostly rabbits. She also says Ator recently came over and knocked on their door around 4 a.m., but they didn't answer because it was "frightening."

Gutierrez says "I know it sounds bad" but she's relieved "because now he's dead."

An FBI agent says Ator "was on a long spiral down" before he was fired from his job on the day of the shooting.

FBI special agent Christopher Combs said Monday that where Ator lived was "a strange residence" and that the conditions "reflect what his mental state was going into this." (No running water and dirt floors)

Authorities say Ator was fired Saturday morning from his job at Journey Oilfield Services and made "rambling" phone calls to both the 911 and the FBI afterward. Combs says Ator had gone to work that day "in trouble."
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What do the majority of these shooters have in common.
MENTAL HEALTH issues. The feel gooders let all the crazies out of the institutions in the 70's and now people who need to be separated from society are not.
They want to take away my guns and leave bat crap crazy people out on the street.
This guy called Odessa 911 after he got fired.
He called the FBI tip line before the shooting, everyone said that he did not threaten. But was there any investigation?
This is Midland /Odessa not a big city with millions of people. Guys like this should stand out like a sore thumb.
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There is no reason to speculate, we all know who is the guilty party of the crime, it is not the failed FBI, it is not the failed police department, it is not the failed mental system we have in the USA. The actual guilty party of the crime is, drum roll please, The NRA!
A LONG spiral down and no one thought to intervene with some psych evaluation?
Mass media: "Monetize psychos!"
He was already a prohibited possessor and been denied a gun on a NICS check. That right there is a crime.

Why wasn't he prosecuted and jailed for that criminal activity they had him caught red handed committing a crime.
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