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Need your help Please!

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I am looking for a pistol and an AR.

I have the pistol choice down to the CZ p-09 or Hk VP9

As far as the AR , what would you snag up for 1000?

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How about an AR pistol?
Ok , so the forum said I couldn’t just post NO. But NO.
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Your choice of an AR is pretty much a matter of shopping around and with a $1,000 price point there is no shortage of really fine rifles. I think most people will suggest whatever they have and personally like. There will also be the buy verse build discussion. Some people, including myself gravitate to the older Colt guns including the retro types or even a new / old retro type. :) Then there is the discussion of buy new or find a gently used which suits you. With the AR pistol types aside you are still having to consider the barrel length. I also like the older Colt Match H BAR variations. Something else you may or may not wish to consider is the barrel twist rate. Heavier bullets like the faster 1:7 or 1:8 twist. For example you start getting to around the 70 to 80- grain bullets you really want a 1:7 or 1:8 twist, with 69 grain bullets any 1:7 to 1:10 twist will do fine. Also depends on if you plan to load for it or just buy factory stuff including bulk factory stuff.

Anyway, for your price point there is no shortage of really nice rifles out there, just a matter of what you want the rifle to do and how accurately you want it to do it. Roll your own is another option but make sure you use pieces and parts which will mate well and cycle well.

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Ruger AR556 is a great rifle for the money,at about $550. I don’t have one. I do have the S&W M&P15.
Seeing what you want I'll guess your getting a SHTF sort of thing together so here's my suggestion.
I'd steer clear of the P-09. The CZ 75B (no Omega trigger) is a better pistol and will last indefinitely. If you can afford it for another $100 you can get an CZ 75 SP-01.
PSA has lots of quality AR's for good prices during their special deals.
Aero Precision is usually sold out (yes they are that good and in the $1000 price range) but if you're lucky you can find one somewhere.
Thank you Mesa. I appreciate your input !
For picking out an AR i could tell you what i would want but that might be different than what you want or need it for. Do you want a rifle or carbine? What caliber? Pencil barrel or bull barrel? Flat top or carry handle? What type of sights or optics you want on in? Do you want a fixed or adjustable stock? Do you want it for self defense, fun, long range shooting? What type of hand guard do you want? Free float 2 piece,or others? Are you going to add things like lights, lasers or chainsaws?....This is all stuff YOU need to think about before anyone can recommend one as there are just too many variables.
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buy a stripped lower and build one.
Buy an 80% receiver and build one that the Gov. doesn't know about.
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