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Hi there.

I hope one of you guy's can help me to identify this shotgun.
Al I know of it, that it's most likely a pre WWII model "Liege" hybrid shotgun that fires a combination of a 16 gauge shotgun shells and a 9,3x72R round.

I have some pictures of it and the various markings on it, I hope this helps.


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This is what I found out this far:

Weapon was proofed in Germany 7/1928

(The date of proofing is stamped in being 7/28)

The discription of the round being 8,8 MM for a 9,3 mm round is typicall for later in the 1905-39 period)

The weapon was proofed in Ulm or Suhl pre 1954 (the eagle proofing, cant determine which eagle it is exactly)

It has a pre 39 german proof for an expres rifle barrel (The E)

It has a pre 39 German proof for inspection in a finished state (the U)

Hope you guy's can tell me even more of it.

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Looks Like an Iman Meffert, I had a gun just like that sold it auction a few years ago. Krupps barrels, and if you want rings for the claws theres a company called sweet old gun deep chisled, does it have stag on it. The horn trigger gaurds are prone to crack behing the tang screw.


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New input anybody?

HI there, I anybody has some new ideas on this gun, please let me know.


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