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I'm in favor of shooting the following whenever an opportunity presents itself:

-wild rabbits and hares on farm (they eat vegetables)
-ground squirrels on farm or ranch (they erode the soil, cattle step in burrows and get leg injuries)
-porcupines (we all know what quills do to dogs)
-gophers (if they ever present an opportunity to get shot)
-other destructive/injurious rodents

Any good rodent is a dead rodent.

There are various BB guns, pellet guns and firearms.

For example, which kind of handgun with what caliber and load makes the best mouser or ratter for barn?
Is a good BB gun a better mouser? One has to consider economics, property damage, safety and firearms discharge laws.
I understand .22 cartridges with snake-shot can be excellent for rats. A BB might be more economical for a mouse.

There are "garden guns".

Snakes should probably be left alone on a farm or ranch as they are natural rodent controllers.
My father said a king snake is a farmer's friend.

It would be interesting here to see how the perfect farm or ranch battery is assembled.
There may be one or more handguns, rifles and shotguns for rodents and rabbits.
There might be also one or more non-firearms for the same.

Sometimes guns and non-firearms are used in ag to shoot pesky birds as crows and pigeons.

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I once shot seven ground squirrels on a ranch with a Browning A-Bolt II .25-06.
Gee, thanks for sharing that. It affirms what many were suspicious of because you repeated this information which you originally shared under the moniker of John Preston before you were banned the first time (first time I am aware of). Say goodbye Johnny boy!

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