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My new sig p320

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Finally became of age to buy a handgun and decided to celebrate with a Vickers tactical p320. Took a couple of weeks to get thanks to the annoying (some would say unconstitutional) handgun permit process. The courthouse getting my phone number wrong and thus not calling me for two weeks didn't help either. Nonetheless, its all mine now and is a ton of fun to shoot.
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Congrats. That looks like it has a lot of nice features. Be sure to give us a range report.
Nice! Good looking pistol too.
Very nice. Congrats!
Agreed very nice enjoy. :thumbsup:
Congratulations! Very nice for a first pistol. Enjoy it.
Very nice looking. I love my P320 X Carry. What are the differences with the Vickers P320 and other P320’s?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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