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My annual trip to the range

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Just got back from the range. My waivers had just expired, so it's been a year since I've been there. Anyway, saw everybody with their AR's, bummer, sorry I got rid of mine, but who didn't expect that? But, first up was my new to me Kahr P380. Nice little gun, no problems at all and pretty accurate. Drop in the pocket and forget about it. Then I finished off the target with some 22's. Little RG23 shooting to the right. Must be me, last time it shot better. The 22/45 is spot on every time. I really like those Williams Fire Sights, wish that eBay clown honored the sale on the Williams for my G2C. Speaking of the G2C, shot that the most. Really like that gun. No problems at all, and pretty good with it. Got out the Kahr CM40, 2 mags and my wrist was was twitching. Went back to the G2C and was ok, I can shoot that all day. So about $60 in 45 minutes, guess that's why I go once a year, I'm just a poor boy. But it was fun. I let the P380 bite my thumb, so I did the walk of shame with a bloody thumb.
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I personally would be able to visit my range of choice more often if my middle child raided my reloads a little less often. I've always said that there certainly could be worse things that he was interested in.
Teach him how to reload. My son now loads his own. Good to hear you got out Sam. Had my days of cuts on the range too.
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