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MRSO (Military Reenactor Shooting Organization) prounounced "MAR-SO" is a organization commited to bringing competitive shooting to a reenactment style feel. We will strive to make our impressions as correct as possible to honor those who have served before us.


We will concentrate on two era's to begin with:

Vietnam Conflict

Impressions within this time frame would include:

US Army
ANZAC Commonwealth


Impressions within this time frame would include:

Allied military
Axis military

MRSO will be willing to look at a specific impression that any member may be interested in. Please do your research and have facts and pictures in place to convince us to allow it.


To make this organization as historically accurate as possible, there will be no substitutions on rifles or pistols. We will allow substitutions on shotguns on a case to case basis. I.e. We dont care if your M1 Garand is straight from Springfield Armory new in a box. Nor if it served with Patton in North Africa. Nor if it is a surplus rifle with turkish markings on it.

Each MRSO member will be required to shoot military ball ammuntion ONLY. No reloads or anything "hot" will be allowed.


MRSO is looking for members and clubs to join us, in branching this sport out into a national venue.

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