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Most wanted and hard to find part

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What is your most wanted and hard to find part? Mine would have had to been a trigger pin for the M3/M3A1. It took me MONTHS to locate one. Ended up buying 2 from the same guy. 馃榿


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Now that鈥檚 2 less to be found. I鈥檝e made a few small parts but I鈥檓 no machinist.
Welcome to the forum from NJ.
Thank you. I am from about 40mins west of Philly.
I lost a recoil spring plug for one of my 1911's the other day. Not hard to find replacement wise. But i can't find it in my gun room lol. I have a new one on the way. I'll find it when im not looking. The one i lost looks like the former owner used a screwdriver to seat it. I have a nice stainless one coming.
a trigger guard for a particular Savage single shot shotgun.......

they have just about every specific designated trigger guard in plastic or metal for many models except mine......and from reading many are different......right down to measuring the distance of the screw holes different.

its going to a shop and i am just going to have one fabricated out of aluminum.
Extractor for a floberb parlor rifle.
Well I would say it gets easier finding parts, But um I aint a politician wont lie to you that way, Nice grab on both parts
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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