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I posted some of my stuff earlier, here's 7 more. All are collectibles except the Colt Hbar, dassa mi shooter.
I am a serious collector, specialize in limited editions and pristine old guns. Some of these (3) are new recent buys. I'm in the process of re photographing the contents of my safe and will post more when time allows. None of these guns are for sale so don't ask.

Walther P5 Compact, 99%, i/500 imported into USA

Kimber Gold Match 25 Anniv #314/500

Ruger Last Cowboy, limited run, last of the 32mags. Rare wood grips. Sold out

Browning BDA, 1/2740 mfg by Sig

Taurus "The Judge" Limited run .45/.410, rare bright stainless

Colt Hbar pre ban "green" with large pin lower. Tack driver.

S&W Model 1 1/2, 85% finish, pristine bore. 1888 baby doll

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I'm a big hearted guy- but you won't see any of these on a give away.

Hmmm. I've got this $50 Jennings, make a great paperweight :roll:

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Don't know if my Jennings works, haven't tried to fire it. Is it safe? :!:
I bid $50 on an estate auction and never dreamed no one would bump it $5. It was for a good cause, widow lady needed $, selling all deceased hubby's gun related stuff. One of the moderators on GB managed the auction for her.
My Jennings looks really good, doesn't show any wear. Would you like to have another so you'll have a matched pair?
Only $55 plus $15 shipped to your FFL. :roll: :D

Woah, can always get lower. Got this neat Leinad with a slight bulge near the end of the barrel.
That one is a real honey :mrgreen:
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