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Missing magazine - help

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​New to the forum and hoping someone here can give me a direction to go. I was given a Springfield model 84c,was in pretty nice shape though I had to replace the firing pin. Seems every .22 I get my hands on used, has a broken firing pin. Apparently a lot of folks never heard about not dry firing a .22. Anyway, that's not the problem now. I can't seem to find any online source that has the magazines for this gun. Not the 5 round original or the ten round aftermarket. Was hoping someone here may know of a source or be able to point me in the direction of someone who may have a spare.
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Try Numrich Gun Parts They are about the best source for older out of production firearms parts.
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Thanks Mike but, that was the first place I looked, as they supplied me with many parts for my 1896 Marlin repeater. They show the five round as not available. The ten round shows but, I included that with my order for the firing pin and all I got was the pin and the amount of the magazine subtracted form my order with no explanation. So, I take it they no longer have them as there was no mention of back order. I've gpme t Savage Arms, bud's gun Shop and many others. no luck. That's why I was hoping for a personal contact with an owner or collector.
There’s always a guy at the gun shows with a table and boxes of magazines. Check out your local shows. I would try searching on​. They have a search bot that’s pretty good.
Thank you. Even though I looked on EBAY before nothing popped up. The link you sent me seems to be the one I need. Here's hoping anyway, since I ordered one. Just hate having an incomplete gun in the cabinet. I had just re-blued it to bring it back to a nice condition. Thanks again.
Many of those older 22 rifles were the same gun sold under different names and models so many of the parts are interchangeable. Sometimes the hard part is figuring out which other models are the same guns but once you do that finding parts is easier.
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