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If a gun grab happened in America, how many current or former military personnel, and/or law enforcement for would be willing to go door to door? I keep seeing "veterans" like Pete Buttmunch shill for gun control, and they seem to usually be POGs or reservists.
"If a gun grab happened ..." is a hypothetical question (involving the "government," I guess). Like all of those, tying them to real-world responses is a stretch that breaks the string.

"If freedom of speech is outlawed ..."

"If the right to vote is suspended ..."

"If the Constitution is overturned ..."

Interesting question, but not cohesive. "Shilling for gun control" is not the same as "gun grab."

Especially confusing is: Why in Sam Hill the inclusion of "former military?"

How about current civilians? That's actually what former military are. I'm former military. I don't have any special attributes that distinguish me from the unwashed.

A "gun grab," is PC for "Overturning the 2A."

There are no proposals on the table for that.


I do see a problem that you've surfaced: This guy's preface, "As a combat veteran ...," is an appeal to authority. He assumes, incorrectly, and deceitfully, that because he is a combat veteran he, sorta like celebs, has been gifted a cape with special powers that give him insights that non-combat veterans (or non-celebs) lack.

As for me, his former status does not lend him expertise on the subject.
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