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Hi all. Just bought my FIRST Mauser today. I have always liked them. I was looking in some local pawn shops. The first one I hit said they didn't sell firearms, and told me to go to another down the street that does. So I go in, and ask the lady if they have any 1911 style pistols, which they didn't, which was what I was looking for originally. I was about to walk out right away and something caught my eye on the wall. It was an M44 Mosin. Checked it out, and another. Not as nice looking as my M44 :cool: . Then looked at 2 Mausers. I asked her if the $125 price tag is negotiable on the second Mauser, and she said there was a 25%off sale on it. So she did up the discount and after paperwork and taxes, I was out the door only down $101.and change.

So I had some questions. Not knowing anything about Mausers, first off, what kind/type of Mauser is it? The tag that was on the gun said Mauser Model 98 8MM. After taking it down, taking off the stock and wiping it all down in the cleaning process, I found some other info. Stamped very lightly near the muzzle on the barrel on the right side, is "M1938 German 8MM". Above that stamp (also on the right side of the barrel), which is stamped more thoroughly, is what appears to say "C.A.I. S.I. ALB VI" with the dots as I see them on the barrel.

The receiver and sight aperture have matching #s, but the mag and trigger guard assembly and bolt are all different. The bore looks decent. Not what appears to be any pitting either. The grooves look what I think is pretty good for a rifle stamped in 1940. There wasn't much cosmoline either to clean out. Just in some nooks and crannies. It would appear a previous owner(s), (according to the woman I spoke with, brought it in for a loan or something, and never came back for the gun) kept it in pretty good shape.

The stock looks pretty good. Its a nice deep color and decent glossy finish to it. There is a chunk that has been cut out on the butt of the stock under the buttplate and replaced. It looks like its supposed to be there. No numbers visible on the wood stock to my untrained Mauser eye, unless there are hiding places I overlooked. (Or any other numbers or stampings for that matter)

Stamped on the receiver is a Crescent moon with the two points pointing towards the muzzle, and the star in front of that. To the left of that at about a 45 degree angle is the letter T. To the right at the same angle is a C. Under the T on the left is stamped AF. To the right under the C is stamped FA. Below that stamped on the left is AMK. To the right is stamped ARA. Then at the bottom the date: 1940 centered. Hopefully this will be visible in the picture well enough to make it out according to the description. I included other various pictures from different angles. There is included a cleaning rod. It is brass. Don't know if that is or was standard issue with them.

I am not sure what other info to add. I guess the most important thing, the stamp on the receiver is there and legible. Based on what little research I have pulled up on the net, I suppose I could do measurements of things if need be. There is also a small hole at the fore end of the trigger guard. My research has designated that a sling hole? The whole thing is held together by two big screws on the bottom by the mag plate and trigger guard. They are held in place by two smaller locking screws. It has a straight bolt handle design like a Mosin. Has a bayonet Lug. If anyone knows of any good websites for doing research I'd be happy to know of them. And based on the pics and description, is $100 decent for this? I also have this post on another forum, so if you see it twice then thats why:) Thanks for the info.


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I havn't a clue to help you. I just wanted to say that is one cool old rifle. If you done nothing else but hung it in a den or something it's worth what you paid for it. Good luck. :-B-:

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I found this in another forum:

OK, I know that rifle !

What you have is a Turkish Mauser, with a receiver made by/for Turkey and used in a 1983-1945 rebuild program. This rebuild program consisted of re-building M98 style rifles using WW1/post WW1 rifle parts made in Germany, Check., Poland, etc. About 10% of the rebuilt rifles used M98 receivers, and 90% used K.KALE receivers. The K.KALE's are Large Ring Mausers with Small Ring threads. The Turks had large stocks of barrels with Small Ring threads and the K.KALE receiver allowed the use of these barrels.

See my site for a complete description, with photos.

This rifle almost never has matching numbers, as the barrels, bolts and floor plates are from dis-assembled rifles.

The barrel markings "1938 German 8mm C.A.I. ST. ALB VT" indicate importation by "Century Arms International, St. Albans VT", designed to fire the "German 8mm" round, and having a model designation "1938".

The action is a large Ring Mauser, with small threads, and one diminsional difference, again, see my site, and are good candidates for sporter projects.

These rifles are for sale at $60-$80 in the wholesale catalogs.
BTW, don't worry about your $110 price tag. The guy who asked about this rifle paid $200 for his!
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