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Another question I should already know the answer to, but don't:

What is the legal definition of "manufacturing" as related to firearms?

E.g. If you assemble non-receiver/non-serialized components (say AR uppers) for sale for profit, and you go through the non-gun business process, do you still need an FFL or have any other hoops to jump through?


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Under the law, the controlled part is the serialized one. In America, that is the receiver or frame. You can buy and sell AR uppers,1911 slides, AK parts kits (if you can still find them) all day long. There are no restrictions on the parts, only the recievers. So if you want to build AR uppers for sale at a gun show or online, have at it. If you do really well, the only federal agency you need to worry about is the IRS.

To "manufacture" a firearm for sale requires a 3 FFL License to Manufacture a Firearm. If you are a business, you need to apply for and pay a $1000 for the license. If you want to get into select fire stuff, then that may go as high as 10K.

In the case of FFL's, your local laws trump the federal ones for licensing. If you can not get zoned for light manufacturing, you do not get the FFL. Also, if you do decide to go into the full auto and AOW type FFL, understand that you also give up your personal privacy. The BATF not only has the right to conduct routine examinations of your business address, they can search you private residence if they want to.

A FFL is not something to take lightly. Mess up, you can go to jail. The ATF does not play around. If you have the idea of going for a FFL to buy you and your buddies guns at dealer prices, forget it. There are much easier and less risky ways of doing that.

As the laws are now, you can build a forarm for personal use. The thing is, you can not sell it nor can it be select fire or a destructive device.

Reply here with exactly what your game plan is. There are others who can chime in also.

In the meanwhile, go here: and do some reading.
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