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I like the results, really! However, the sample size(1,000 plus) is so small, at least to me it is. I find it hard to believe that the results can be extrapolated out to include the entire US because the subject content is so personal and controversial. Take the results with a grain of salt! ;)

Nick said:
I'm actually surprised CNN didn't skew this poll the opposite way. Must have gotten by their editors.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe the Constitution guarantees each person the right to own a gun, according to a poll released Sunday.

In all, 65 percent said they thought the Constitution ensures that right, and 31 percent said it did not. The question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 3 points.

Men and people living in rural areas were most likely to say the Constitution guarantees the right to own a gun.

Nearly three quarters of men (72 percent) said they believed so, versus 26 percent who did not. More than half (58 percent) of women said they believed so, versus slightly more than a third (35 percent) who did not.

That question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 4.5 points.

Among rural dwellers, 73 percent said they agreed, versus 64 percent and only half (50 percent) of city dwellers who thought the same.

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That question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 7 points.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution says: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon."

Some have interpreted those words to mean that everyone has a right to own a gun; others say the amendment protects only the right of citizens to form a militia.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation telephone poll of 1,002 U.S. adults was carried out December 6 - 9. E-mail to a friend
Yeah, that must've sped past the editors, as well. That flows about as smooth as a case of constipation, or the editor is a woman and didn't think twice about it.

Also, yeah, a sample size of 1002 is way too small to fully represent the American population without a huge margin of error. But, I like the results just the same.

Harley Dude
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Polls in the past have been shown much higher support for firearm ownership. So who knows what the truth really is.
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