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I want to get a semi automatic shotgun as a Christmas present for myself. I've been good and I deserve it. I pretty much have my mind set on the Mossberg 930 Home Security model.

The only thing I am hesitant about is the 4 shot magazine. I know that Choate makes a magazine extension for it. I bought a magazine extension for my Remington 870 and what a FPITA it was to put that thing on. First I had to sand down the indentations on the inside of the magazine. Then when I took it to the range to pattern my shots, the magazine extension came loose while I was shooting, even with the clamp tightly secured that they provide from the manufacturer. I'm not slamming Choate or even Remington. Although I will probably never buy another shotgun from them just for the simple reason that I think it makes no sense for them to manufacture shotguns that do not readily accept magazine extensions. Even if it is a sporting shotgun, I think it is reasonable to believe that most people want the capability to also use their shotguns for home defense as well. What do they lose or gain by restricting magazine capacity?

So my question is, before I spend 500 dollars on the Mossberg 930, does it readily accept the magazine extension or are there any modifications I would have to do to the shotgun?
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