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I recently purchased a gun light for my shotgun <link>, but quickly ran into an issue with the switch being too long for the picatinny railing available. This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that the mounting hardware for the switch butts up against the opposite ends instead of being able to mount in the middle of the switch (which means I need 10 or so slots for it to be secured).
SG1.jpg SG2.jpg
I found a couple options for rail extenders on Amazon from Lion Gears <link> and HiLight <link> but I fear that these are cheap, Chinese garbage.

All this said, my questions to you folks are:
1. Is there a better option out there? Something low profile that can fit on my five slots and make it 10 slots?
2. Since this is just a light switch, will I be fine using the rinky dink Chinese crap?
3. Can you think of an alternative solution that might work with the five slots I have available? (Other than using duct tape or some other stupid solution)
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